Fairies and Pansies, Silver Accent, Timeless Treasures

100% cotton, 44/45 inches wide.

Beautiful Fairies, Pansies and Lilacs on a varigated lavender and light purple background. All the fairies and flowers have subtle silver accenting. We have many coordinates for this print. Michael Millers Fairy Frosts in Grape, Lavender, Candy, Zirconium and Platinum. Also, Millers krystal in Lavender. We also have Hoffmans Handpainted Bali Batik in Purple, they call it Savannah. From Timeless Treasures. 100% Cotton, 44/45 inches wide.


Fairy Frost, Wisteria, Michael Miller

Fairy Frost, Venus, Michael Miller

Fairy Frost, Wildberry, CM0376 Michael Miller