Plume, Elegant Peacocks, Gold Accented, Sold By The Panel


100% cotton, 44/45 inches wide.


Stunningly depicted large-scaled peacocks will take your breath away they are so beautiful! The birds as well as the surrounding flowers are all magnificently gold accented. This would look great in a one block wonder. Due to the size of the peackcocks, measuring about 12 inches in height plus the lovely flowers around them, and the layout of the print, we thought it best to sell this by a carefully cut panel which measures approximately 23-24 inches. If we sold this by the yard, the results, due to the way they manufacturer layed out the print, would result in some people only getting one full peacock and quite honestly, lots of chopped birds. There is no way to cut this print without losing a bird. We got in the Peacock Feathers and the Peacock Plumese to go with this outstanding print.